Coast to Coast 2022 Adventure Day 35: Piedmont, AL to Fairburn, GA

Alan Gilbert
3 min readJul 27, 2022


This post is part of a series detailing my 2022 coast to coast cycling adventure.

After a day of R&R on Weiss Lake in Alabama we had an amazing day on the Chief Ladiga / Silver Comet trail and crossed into Georgia.

Day 35 Highlights:

Song of the day: Why Georgia by John Mayer
Start: Piedmont, AL
End: Fairburn, GA
Distance: 94.2 miles
Total Ascent: 3,159 ft.
Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich at BNB
Lunch: Lunch a la Sue at Silver Comet Linear Park in Powder Springs, GA
Dinner: Cracker Barrel (southern style, with gravy on everything)

Progress so far: 2,946.4 miles, 97,289 ft. climbed.

The journey so far, with today’s ride in blue

Here are all of the details on today’s ride:

Our R&R day on Weiss Lake in Centre, Alabama was really restful. Well, except for the part where I took a kayak out that had a slow leak and ended up capsizing a few hundred feet from shore, having to swim it back in.

Another beautiful Alabama sunset

Today’s ride was night and day as compared to our previous rough day on Alabama state highways. The first 66 miles of our 95-er today were on a beautiful rail trail called the Chief Ladiga in Alabama and the Silver Comet in Georgia. The Silver Comet trail goes almost all the way to Atlanta but we peeled off in Powder Springs to head south of the city.

The best thing, of course, was that there were zero cars. It was mostly flat but had a few hills to keep things interesting. It also featured lush flora, neat little towns (hello Cedartown!), and cool tunnels and bridges.

The Chief Ladiga / Silver Comet trail was a joy to ride

The state line feature a beautiful arch, marking the two trails, and engraved stone markers on the state line.

An archway marks the change of name at the state line
So long Heart of Dixie, hello Peach State!

We are now in Georgia, our 10th and last state! We still have three days to go, all close to 100 miles, but the horses are starting to smell the barn!



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