Coast to Coast 2022 Adventure Day 12: Jackson, WY to DuBois, WY

Alan Gilbert
4 min readJul 6, 2022


This post is part of a series detailing my 2022 coast to coast cycling adventure.

Day 12 almost didn’t happen but I’m sure glad it did.

Day 12 Highlights:

Song of the day: Lake Michigan by Rogue Valley
Start: Jackson, WY (technically, Wilson, WY)
End: DuBois, WY
Distance: 93.9 miles
Elevation: 4,396 ft
Breakfast: Bacon and eggs at our BNB
Lunch: Dee supplied sandwiches on the porch at the Togwotee Mountain Lodge
Dinner: Noon Rock Pizza in DuBois

Progress so far: 974.1 miles, 35,528 ft climbed.

The journey so far, with today’s ride in blue

Here are all the details:

The day before…

Our off day in Jackson should have been a highlight but it was not. Both Dave and I were pretty bad off with stomach issues and fatigue. We did manage to get out and get massages, which was absolutely amazing. If you are ever in Jackson, make an appointment at Olga’s Day Spa.

Beyond that, we really laid low and both struggled to eat and hold down enough food to prepare for the next day’s ride.

We discussed how to handle the situation and kicked around various options, including pushing the itinerary out, rerouting, and riding the SAG wagon. Much as we loathed to do it we agreed that the last option was the best, “taking the hit” all at once and avoiding a lot of logistical work, hassle, and inconvenience for our support angels, Dee and Sue.

We thought for sure one of us was going to pull the trigger but…


Remarkably, we both woke up feeling pretty good and both decided to give it a go. I am glad we did because this ride was one of the most incredible, amazing bicycle rides I have ever been on. I will do my best to describe it but I don’t think there are words that can adequately capture the overwhelming majesty of the Tetons and what it was like to ride the length of the range. One of my goals for these adventure trips is to feel small and that was never more true than today.

Heading out for the day
Riding over the Snake River between Wilson and Jackson, looking at the Teton Range

The day started with 20 wonderful miles of paved bike trail, starting at our doorstep and going all the way until we were right in front of Grand Teton.

Riding the Teton bike path was beyond imagination
Dave and I posing with Teton backdrops
Obligatory national park sign selfie
Dave and I in action
These action shots really show the awesome scale of the Tetons
Grand Teton Natonal Park has its share of wildlife. We debated and settled on this being a pronghorn.

As we headed further north, towards Grand Teton, the largest peak, the view became more and more spectacular. I tried my best to capture the majesty and they deserve to be been seen at full size.

It’s hard to find the words, or even capture a picture, to describe the majesty of the Tetons

The weather was close to ideal for today’s ride, with relatively cool temperatures (70s-80s) and consistent tailwinds. I’ve talked about headwinds and tailwinds a lot and today’s conditions were nearly perfect.

Compared to the climb over Teton Pass from Idaho, today’s climb over the continental divide was more gentle — about the same rise and fall but over a longer distance.

Dave climbing up to the continental divide
Finally to the top
Cruising down the eastern slope. Imagine coming around the corner to see this. Breaktaking.
As we descended into DuBois, the landscape changed dramatically

What an incredible day of bicycling. This one day made the trip worthwhile.



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