Coast to Coast 2022 Adventure Day 2: Eugene, OR to Sisters, OR

Day 2 Highlights:

Song of the day: Time Tough (AKA Higher and Higher) by Toots and the Maytels (my favorite climbing song)
Start: Eugene, OR
End: Sisters, OR
Distance: 99.16 miles
Elevation: 5,764 ft
Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich from Forresters Bar & Grill
Lunch: PB&Js and chips
Dinner: Pasta, sausage, salad in our BNB and Sisters SweetEasy ice cream

Riding over the Wilmamette River coming out of Eugene
Riding through the McKenzie River valley the first half of the ride was beautiful, and easy compared to the climb ahead
Fueling up with lunch and a rest after the first 60 miles, preparing for the big climb up to McKenzie pass
Up, up, up we go
Incredible landscape of McKenzie Pass. That little peak on the right of the last photo is Mt. Hood
Hard earned rest in Sisters after an epic day



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