Coast to Coast 2022 Adventure Day 28: Springfield, MO to Mountain View, MO

Alan Gilbert
4 min readJul 20, 2022


This post is part of a series detailing my 2022 coast to coast cycling adventure.

Riding over 100 miles in temperatures over 100 degrees is becoming normal.

Day 28 Highlights:

Song of the day: She’s the One by the Beta Band
Start: Springfield, MO
End: Mountain View, MO
Distance: 106.6 miles
Total Ascent: 5,771 ft.
Breakfast: Breakfast sandwich in BNB
Lunch: Railway Cafe in Norwood
Dinner: Roscoe T’s Bar-B-Que in Mountain View

Progress so far: 2,349.8 miles, 77,765 ft. climbed.

The journey so far, with today’s ride in blue

Here are all of the details on today’s ride:

Our day off in Springfield was awesome. Not particularly exciting really. But we did all catch up on some personal stuff (life has gone on outside of our trip), catch up on sleep, rest our legs, and clean up our bikes. I also finally hit a Chick-fil-a including a peach milkshake. We also had an outstanding dinner at the Springfield Brewing Company.

Just like after our last day off, I had an extra spring in my step (spring in my spin?) and I really needed it. Today’s ride was actually our highest total ascent of the trip (5,771 ft)— even more than any of the mountain passes. Much like Ohio, PA, and NY, Missouri has a lot of rolling hills and the climbing really adds up over a 100+ mile ride.

100+ mile days in 100+ degree heat are becoming pretty routine for us. Our two main ways of dealing with the high temps are to start early (5:15 today) and ice — lots of ice. Most restaurants are happy to fill our water bottles and camelbaks and we continue to make liberal use of truck stops. And of course, Sue has been bringing us ice as well.

Our early departure meant we got to see a great sunrise this morning

Missouri has been such a refreshing change from Kansas. Instead of flat, straight, crowded highways we have been treated to rolling, curving backroads (but nicely paved) through pastoral farms.

We’ve really enjoyed riding through Missouri’s rolling hills
Added to my post office collection today
We rode through Laura Ingalls Wilder country today

As you might imagine, riding close to 100 miles has created it’s share of aches and pains. In my case, I have been fighting saddle soreness, knee pain, and foot pain. I have managed the saddle soreness by adjusting my seat to tilt forward a bit. For my knee I have been icing daily and using a tendentious band. For my feet I am loosening the BOA dials. I am giving up a bit of power transfer but it lets me make fists with my toes to keep the blood circulating.

The BOA dials let me easily adjust the tightness of my shoes to help with circulation

I have also been taking a couple of Advil about half way through the ride to tamp down the various pains.

Dave has been fighting wrist issues ever since he changed his flat tire a couple of days ago. He’s fashioned a makeshift splint to help him sleep.

Tonight we hit a great Texas BBQ place, Roscoe T’s Bar-B-Que in Mountain View. Once again, Dave ordered enough food for an army.

Dave opted for the one-pound meat serving

Hard to believe but we only have nine riding days left until we hit the Georgia coast (God willing). I have been carrying a little vial of Pacific Ocean water with me from Oregon and am looking forward to filling it’s Atlantic companion.

A bit of Pacific Ocean water and sand have gone along for the ride



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