Coast to Coast 2022 Adventure Day 37: Milledgeville, GA to Metter, GA

Alan Gilbert
4 min readJul 29, 2022

This post is part of a series detailing my 2022 coast to coast cycling adventure.

Thanks to the Columbus Jewish News for publishing an article about our trip!

Today was another wonderful day of riding through scenic Georgia.

Day 37 Highlights:

Song of the day: Daft Punk Is Playing at My House by LCD Soundsystem
Start: Milledgeville, GA
End: Metter, GA
Distance: 98.4 miles
Total Ascent: 3,901 ft.
Breakfast: Hotel potluck
Lunch: Lunch a la Sue at Vann Community Park in Swainsboro
Dinner: Papa Bucks BBQ and Scoops Ice Cream in Metter

Progress so far: 3,109.0 miles, 105,636 ft. climbed.

The journey so far, with today’s ride in blue

Here are all of the details on today’s ride:

Today’s ride was delightful. As has become our standard plan, we got going by 5:15 AM, which is now an hour earlier since we moved into eastern time. That meant we had about two hours of riding in dark / dawn conditions. I have also confirmed (looking at that it is a lot more humid, around 95% RH, before the sun rises. Then it drops by about 30%. I don’t know why that is (I’m sure its related to the “relative” part of RH) but you can definitely feel it.

Riding in the dark and dawn just outside of Milledgeville, GA

Then we were treated to a beautiful Georgia Sunrise.

The white stuff is a kaolinite mine

I have really enjoyed riding through Georgia. The countryside is beautiful and all of the people have been great. Well, all except for that truck driver who ran me off the road by wailing on his horn and then swerving his flatbed trailer into the shoulder. But hey, there are jerks in every state.

Beautiful Georgia countryside

I have really enjoyed passing through the cool little towns, especially the county seats with beautiful courthouses.

County courthouses in Wrightsville and Metter

One thing I have not enjoyed in Georgia is all of the flies.

Spent most of lunch break trying to keep the flies off of my food and from biting my legs

After lunch we chatted with Boulder (his real name!) at Pinetucky Country Meats in Swainsboro and, like everyone we’ve met, he was fascinated by and very interested in our trip. We also found out our motel (Days Inn in Metter) hosts around 60 cyclists every other year on PAC Tour’s coast-to-coast ride. That scored us some extra love from the friendly motel staff.

Wrightsville is the friendliest town but it’s better in Metter!

One of the things that was better in Metter was Scoops Ice Cream. I’m going to miss eating whatever the heck I want.

Tasty treats at Scoop

Yesterday the roadside was marked by the famous Georgia red clay but today it is transitioning to sand. A sure sign that we are approaching the coast.

We are on the eve our our last day of our epic adventure. We have a 65 mile ride to the Savannah city limits and then 20 more miles to the ocean and Tybee Island.