Coast to Coast 2022 Adventure Day 5: Burns, OR to Ontario, OR

Day 5 Highlights:

Song of the day: Fee by Phish
Start: Burns, OR
End: Ontario, OR
Distance: 133.0 miles
Elevation: 3,291 ft
Breakfast: Breakfast burrito ordered the night before from the Apple Peddler
Lunch: Leftovers under a tree in Harper, OR
Dinner: Whatever was easiest. Pizza for Alan and burgers for Dave and Dee.

Sunrise over Burns, OR
Rolling mountains in eastern Oregon
Do as the sign says!
We decided not to stay here. The TravelAdvisor review said “watch out for the showers.”
Quite the tarry mess from riding through US 20 paving zone
Massive cleanup effort. Products used: Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover, and WD-40



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