Coast to Coast 2022 Adventure Day 6: Ontario, OR to Boise, ID

Alan Gilbert
3 min readJun 30, 2022

This post is part of a series detailing my 2022 coast to coast cycling adventure.

Day 6 was a hard-earned light day of just 60 miles, with light climbing, after 264 miles the previous two days.

Day 6 Highlights:

Song of the day: Xanadu by Rush
Start: Ontario, OR
End: Boise, ID
Distance: 61.8 miles
Elevation: 1,339 ft
Breakfast: Hotel bacon and eggs in Ontario
Lunch: Leftover pizza
Dinner: The Refugee in Boise

After the previous two day’s rides, I woke up exhausted, wondering how I was going to get out of bed, let alone ride 60 miles. My legs, arms, and “saddle area” all ached. But after a good stretch, a cup of Dave’s “bullet proof” coffee, and the knowledge that we had a relatively light day, I was ready to go. The fact is, waking up tired and sore and getting my body ready to go anyway is going to be a fact of life for the next month.

Ontario, Oregon is just a stone’s throw from the Idaho border. It was not long before we were welcomed to the Gem State. Thank you, Oregon. We’ll miss you.

Welcome to the Gem State!

Putting our first state behind us is a good time to reflect on what we’ve done so far, covering the entire width of Oregon, and on to Boise.

Our journey after the first six days

Here are details of today’s ride:

Idaho greeted us with open roads, lush farms, and sophisticated irrigation systems
One of the highlights of the ride to Boise was the climb up and view from Freezout Hill

When I planned the trip, one of the things I was really looking forward to was riding the Boise Greenway. We hopped on in the southwest side of town but had to bail due to poor surfaces, unpaved sections, and trail closures. We switched to a road that was fast and direct, but it had horrible traffic and commercial development. As we got closer to the heart of town, we decided to jump back on the Greenway and our decision was rewarded. We had a blast as it snaked us along the Boise River past beautiful parks and busy cafes and eventually the campus of Boise State. We were even able to get a glimpse of the famous blue football field.

A peek through the fence at Boise States famous blue football field

Tomorrow is a 47-miler, our shortest ride for the rest of the trip. (Technically, the ride from Grand Lake to Estes Park, CO is “shorter” but we also climb an average of 100 ft per mile so I’m not counting that).